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Three Tournaments in One


Tournament One: Sport Martial Arts including traditional and open forms plus point fighting using BCSMAC rules. 

Tournament Two: Gi and No-Gi BJJ using IBJJF rule set


Tournament Three: WKU Continuous Karate



Additional Tournament Information

Weigh In

All competitors requiring a weight must weigh in prior to checking in.  Competitors who weigh in with a gi on will have 5 lbs deducted from their weight


Choosing a Division

All players must enter their appropriate age, style and rank divisions. Divisions may be adjusted, at the discretion of the director, to accommodate weight and size differences in the interest of safety and fairness.  Competitors will be notified of any changes to their division(s).  We reserve the right to refuse any entry.  


BJJ and WKU Rank

Novice: Less than one years training

Intermediate: Two to three years of training
Advanced: More than three years training

Note: Anyone who has previously fought as a Pro is not eligible for this event.



Player must compete with the proper color belt worn for the division competing in and at the same rank in all divisions.

AGE Criteria

A Player must compete at the age they were on January 1 at 12:01 a.m. of the year the tournament is held, excepting those players who will be turning 18 in 2022 are allowed to compete in either 17- or 18+ at this tournament during that entire circuit season - even before they turn 18. They cannot compete in both 17- and 18+ at the same tournament.  The same applies for those players that will be turning 40, 50  or 60 in 2022 except they can compete in any divisions 18 and over division as long as they qualify by age. 

Parent’s Pass

Parents, receive one free spectator pass when you register your child (12 and under) to participate in the WCMAC, to be picked up at the door.





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