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WCMAC Division 2022

Novice: Less than one year training

Intermediate: Two to three years of training

Advanced: More than three years training

Note: Anyone with who has previously fought as a Pro is not eligible for this event.

All Sport Martial Arts and WKU Continous Karate divisions are Double Elimination!

Sport Martial Arts 

Hard Traditional Forms

HTF-101 (m/f) (6 and under) Under Belt Weapons

HTF-102 (m/f) (6 and under) White-Orange

HTF-103 (m/f) (6 and under) Green to Brown

HTF-104 (m/f) (7-8) Under Belt Weapons

HTF-105 (m/f) (7-8) White-Orange

HTF-106 (m/f) (7-8) Green to Brown

HTF-107 (m/f) (8 and under) Black Belt Weapons

HTF-108 (m/f) (8 and under) Black Belt

HTF-109 (m/f) (9-10) Under Belt Weapons

HTF-110 (m/f) (9-10) White-Orange

HTF-111 (m/f) (9-10) Green to Brown

HTF-112(m/f) (9-10) Black Belt Weapons

HTF-113 (m/f) (9-10) Black Belt

HTF-114 (m/f) (11-12) Under Belt Weapons

HTF-115 (m/f) (11-12) White-Orange

HTF-116 (m/f) (11-12) Green to Brown

HTF-117 (m/f) (11-12) Black Belt Weapons

HTF-118 (m/f) (11-12) Black Belt

HTF-119 (m/f) (13-14) Under Belt Weapons

HTF-120 (m/f) (13-14) White-Orange

HTF-121 (m/f) (13-14) Green to Brown

HTF-122 (m/f) (13-14) Black Belt Weapons

HTF-123 (m/f) (13-14) Black Belt

HTF-124 (m/f) (15-17) Under Belt Weapons

HTF-125 (m/f) (15-17) White-Orange

HTF-126 (m/f) (15-17) Green to Brown

HTF-127 (m/f) (15-17) Black Belt Weapons

HTF-128 (m/f) (15-17) Black Belt

HTF-129 (m/f) (18+) Under Belt Weapons

HTF-130 (m/f) (18+) White-Orange

HTF-131 (m/f) (18+) Green to Brown

HTF-132 (m/f) (40 and over) Under Belt

HTF-133 (m/f) (18+) Black Belt Weapons

HTF-134 (m/f) (18+) Black Belt

HTF-135 (m/f) (40 and over) Black Belt

Hard Open Forms

HOF-201 (m/f) (6 and under) Under Belt Weapons

HOF-202 (m/f) (6 and under) White-Orange

HOF-203 (m/f) (6 and under) Green to Brown

HOF-204 (m/f) (7-8) Under Belt Weapons

HOF-205 (m/f) (7-8) White-Orange

HOF-206 (m/f) (7-8) Green to Brown

HOF-207 (m/f) (8 and under) Black Belt Weapons

HOF-208 (m/f) (8 and under) Black Belt

HOF-209 (m/f) (9-10) Under Belt Weapons

HOF-210 (m/f) (9-10) White-Orange

HOF-211 (m/f) (9-10) Green to Brown

HOF-212 (m/f) (9-10) Black Belt Weapons

HOF-213 (m/f) (9-10) Black Belt

HOF-214 (m/f) (11-12) Under Belt Weapons

HOF-215 (m/f) (11-12) White-Orange

HOF-216 m/f) (11-12) Green to Brown

HOF-217 (m/f) (11-12) Black Belt Weapons

HOF-218 (m/f) (11-12) Black Belt

HOF-219 (m/f) (13-14) Under Belt Weapons

HOF-220 (m/f) (13-14) White-Orange

HOF-221 (m/f) (13-14) Green to Brown

HOF-222 (m/f) (13-14) Black Belt Weapons

HOF-223 (m/f) (13-14) Black Belt

HOF-224 (m/f) (15-17) Under Belt Weapons

HOF-225 (m/f) (15-17) White-Orange

HOF-226 (m/f) (15-17) Green to Brown

HOF-227 (m/f) (15-17) Black Belt Weapons

HOF-228 (m/f) (15-17) Black Belt

HOF-229 (m/f) (18+) Under Belt Weapons

HOF-230 (m/f) (18+) White-Orange

HOF-231 (m/f) (18+) Green to Brown

HOF-232 (m/f) (40 and over) Under Belt

HOF-233 (m/f) (18+) Black Belt Weapons

HOF-234 (m/f) (18+) Black Belt

HOF-235 (m/f) (40 and over) Black Belt

Soft Traditional Forms

STF-301 (m/f) (6 and under) Under Belt Weapons

STF-02 (m/f) (6 and under) White-Orange

STF-303 (m/f) (6 and under) Green to Brown

STF-304 (m/f) (7-8) Under Belt Weapons

STF-305 (m/f) (7-8) White-Orange

STF-306 (m/f) (7-8) Green to Brown

STF-307 (m/f) (8 and under) Black Belt Weapons

STF-308 (m/f) (8 and under) Black Belt

STF-309 (m/f) (9-10) Under Belt Weapons

STF-310 (m/f) (9-10) White-Orange

STF-311 (m/f) (9-10) Green to Brown

STF-312 (m/f) (9-10) Black Belt Weapons

STF-313 (m/f) (9-10) Black Belt

STF-314 (m/f) (11-12) Under Belt Weapons

STF-315 (m/f) (11-12) White-Orange

STF-316 (m/f) (11-12) Green to Brown

STF-317 (m/f) (11-12) Black Belt Weapons

STF-318 (m/f) (11-12) Black Belt

STF-319 (m/f) (13-14) Under Belt Weapons

STF-320 (m/f) (13-14) White-Orange

STF-321 (m/f) (13-14) Green to Brown

STF-322 (m/f) (13-14) Black Belt Weapons

STF-323 (m/f) (13-14) Black Belt

STF-324 (m/f) (15-17) Under Belt Weapons

STF-325 (m/f) (15-17) White-Orange

STF-326 (m/f) (15-17) Green to Brown

STF-327 (m/f) (15-17) Black Belt Weapons

STF-328 (m/f) (15-17) Black Belt

STF-329 (m/f) (18+) Under Belt Weapons

STF-330 (m/f) (18+) White-Orange

STF-331 (m/f) (18+) Green to Brown

STF-332 (m/f) (40 and over) Under Belt

STF-333 (m/f) (18+) Black Belt Weapons

STF-334 (m/f) (18+) Black Belt

STF-335 (m/f) (40 and over) Black Belt

Soft Open Forms

SOF-401 (m/f) (6 and under) Under Belt Weapons

SOF-402 (m/f) (6 and under) White-Orange

SOF-403 (m/f) (6 and under) Green to Brown

SOF-404 (m/f) (7-8) Under Belt Weapons

SOF-405 (m/f) (7-8) White-Orange

SOF-406 (m/f) (7-8) Green to Brown

SOF-407 (m/f) (8 and under) Black Belt Weapons

SOF-408 (m/f) (8 and under) Black Belt

SOF-409 (m/f) (9-10) Under Belt Weapons

SOF-410 (m/f) (9-10) White-Orange

SOF-411 (m/f) (9-10) Green to Brown

SOF-412 (m/f) (9-10) Black Belt Weapons

SOF-413 (m/f) (9-10) Black Belt

SOF-414 (m/f) (11-12) Under Belt Weapons

SOF-415 (m/f) (11-12) White-Orange

SOF-416 (m/f) (11-12) Green to Brown

SOF-417 (m/f) (11-12) Black Belt Weapons

SOF-418 (m/f) (11-12) Black Belt

SOF-419 (m/f) (13-14) Under Belt Weapons

SOF-420 (m/f) (13-14) White-Orange

SOF-421 (m/f) (13-14) Green to Brown

SOF-422 (m/f) (13-14) Black Belt Weapons

SOF-423 (m/f) (13-14) Black Belt

SOF-424 (m/f) (15-17) Under Belt Weapons

SOF-425 (m/f) (15-17) White-Orange

SOF-426 (m/f) (15-17) Green to Brown

SOF-427 (m/f) (15-17) Black Belt Weapons

SOF-428 (m/f) (15-17) Black Belt

SOF-429 (m/f) (18+) Under Belt Weapons

SOF-430 (m/f) (18+) White-Orange

SOF-431 (m/f) (18+) Green to Brown

SOF-432 (m/f) (40 and over) Under Belt

SOF-433 (m/f) (18+) Black Belt Weapons

SOF-434 (m/f) (18+) Black Belt

SOF-435 (m/f) (40 and over) Black Belt

Point Fighting

PF-501 (m/f) (6 and under) White-Orange

PF-502 (m/f) (6 and under) Green-Brown

PF-503 (f) (7-8) White-Orange

PF-504 (f) (7-8) Green-Brown

PF-505 (f) (8 and under) Black Belt

PF-506 (f) (9-10) White-Orange

PF-507 (f) (9-10) Green-Brown

PF-508 (f) (9-10) Black Belt

PF-509 (f) (11-12) White-Orange

PF-510 (f) (11-12) Green-Brown

PF-511 (f) (11-12) Black Belt

PF-512 (f) (13-14) White-Orange

PF-513 (f) (13-14) Green-Brown

PF-514 (f) (13-14) Black Belt

PF-515 (f) (15-17) White-Orange

PF-516 (f) (15-17) Green-Brown

PF-517 (f) (15-17) Black Belt

PF-518 (m) (7-8) White-Orange

PF-519 (m) (7-8) Green-Brown

PF-520 (m) (8 and under) Black Belt

PF-521 (m) (9-10) White-Orange

PF-522 (m) (9-10) Green-Brown

PF-523 (m) (9-10) Black Belt

PF-524 (m) (11-12) White-Orange

PF-525 (m) (11-12) Green-Brown

PF-526 (m) (11-12) Black Belt

PF-527 (m) (13-14) White-Orange

PF-528 (m) (13-14) Green-Brown

PF-529 (m) (13-14) Black Belt

PF-530 (m) (15-17) White-Orange

PF-531 (m) (15-17) Green-Brown

PF-532 (m) (15-17) Black Belt

PF-533 (f) (18+) White-Orange (under130 lbs)

PF-534 (f) (18+) Green-Brown (under 130 lbs)

PF-535 (f) (18+) White-Orange (130 lbs and over)

PF-536 (f) (18+) Green-Brown (130 lbs and over)

PF-537 (f) (40+) Under Black (all weights)

PF-538 (m) (18+) White-Orange (under 175 lbs)

PF-539 (m) (18+) Green-Brown (under 175 lbs)

PF-540 (m) (18+) White-Orange (175 lbs and over)

PF-541 (m) (18+) Green-Brown (175 lbs and over)

PF-542 (m) (40+) Under Black (all weights)

PF-543 (f) (18+) Black Belt (under 115 lbs)

PF-544 (f) (18+) Black Belt (116-130 lbs)

PF-545 (f) (18+) Black Belt (131 lbs and over)

PF-546 (f) (40+) Black Belt (all weights)

PF-547 (m) (18+) Black Belt  (under 145 lbs)

PF-548 (m) (18+) Black Belt (under 160 lbs)

PF-549 (m) (18+) Black Belt (under 175 lbs)

PF-550 (m) (18+) Black Belt (under 190 lbs)

PF-551 (m) (18+) Black Belt (under 205 lbs)

PF-552 (m) (18+) Black Belt (205 lbs and over)

PF-553 (m) (40+) Black Belt (all weights)

PF-554 (m) (50+) Black Belt (all weights)

PF-555 (m) (60+) Black Belt (all weights)

Submission BJJ

6 years and Under (Gi)

G-601 (m/f) Novice

G-602 (m/f) Intermediate

G-603 (m/f) Advanced

7-8 Years Old (Gi)

G-604 (f) Novice

G-605 (f) Intermediate

G-606 (f) Advanced

G-607 (m) Novice

G-608 (m) Intermediate

G-609 (m) Advanced

9-10 Years Old (Gi)

G-610 (f) Novice

G-611 (f) Intermediate

G-612 (f) Advanced

G-613 (m) Novice

G-614 (m) Intermediate

G-615 (m) Advanced

11-12 Years Old (Gi)

G-616 (f) Novice

G-617 (f) Intermediate

G-618 (f) Advanced

G-619 (m) Novice

G-620 (m) Intermediate

G-621 (m) Advanced

13-14 Years Old (Gi)

G-622 (f) Novice

G-623 (f) Intermediate

G-624 (f) Advanced

G-625 (m) Novice

G-626 (m) Intermediate

G-627 (m) Advanced

15-17 Years Old (Gi)

G-628 (f) Novice

G-629 (f) Intermediate

G-630 (f) Advanced

G-631 (m) Novice

G-632 (m) Intermediate

G-633 (m) Advanced

18 Years and Over (Gi)

G-634 (f) (18+) Novice (under 115 lbs)

G-635 (f) (18+) Novice (under 130 lbs)

G-636 (f) (18+) Novice (130 lbs and over)

G-637 (f) (40+) Novice (all weights)

G-638 (f) (18+) Intermediate (under 115 lbs)

G-639 (f) (18+) Intermediate (under 130 lbs)

G-640 (f) (18+) Intermediate (130 lbs and over)

G-641 (f) (40+) Intermediate (all weights)

G-642 (f) (18+) Advanced (under 115 lbs)

G-643 (f) (18+) Advanced (under 130 lbs)

G-644 (f) (18+) Advanced (130 lbs and over)

G-645 (f) (40+) Advanced

G-646 (m) (18+) Novice (under 145 lbs)

G-647 (m) (18+) Novice (under 160 lbs)

G-648 (m) (18+) Novice (under 175 lbs)

G-649 (m) (18+) Novice (under 190 lbs)

G-650 (m) (18+) Novice (under 205 lbs)

G-651 (m) (18+) Novice (205 lbs and over)

G-652 (m) (40+) Novice (all weights)

G-653 (m) (18+) Intermediate (under 145 lbs)

G-654 (m) (18+) Intermediate (under 160 lbs)

G-655 (m) (18+) Intermediate (under 175 lbs)

G-656 (m) (18+) Intermediate (under 190 lbs)

G-657 (m) (18+) Intermediate (under 205 lbs)

G-658 (m) (18+) Intermediate (205 lbs and over)

G-659 (m) (40+) Intermediate (all weights)

G-660 (m) (18+) Advanced (under 145 lbs)

G-661 (m) (18+) Advanced (under 160 lbs)

G-662 (m) (18+) Advanced (under 175 lbs)

G-663 (m) (18+) Advanced (under 190 lbs)

G-664 (m) (18+) Advanced (under 205 lbs)

G-665 (m) (18+) Advanced (205 lbs and over)

G-666 (m) (40+) Advanced (all weights)

6 years and Under (No-Gi)

NG-701 (m/f) Novice

NG-702 (m/f) Intermediate

NG-703 (m/f) Advanced

7-8 Years Old (No-Gi)

NG-704 (f) Novice

NG-705 (f) Intermediate

NG-706 (f) Advanced

NG-707 (m) Novice

NG-708 (m) Intermediate

NG-709 (m) Advanced

9-10 Years Old (No-Gi)

NG-710 (f) Novice

NG-711 (f) Intermediate

NG-712 (f) Advanced

NG-713 (m) Novice

NG-714 (m) Intermediate

NG-715 (m) Advanced

11-12 Years Old (No-Gi)

NG-716 (f) Novice

NG-717 (f) Intermediate

NG-718 (f) Advanced

NG-719 (m) Novice

NG-720 (m) Intermediate

NG-721 (m) Advanced

13-14 Years Old (No-Gi)

NG-722 (f) Novice

NG-723 (f) Intermediate

NG-724 (f) Advanced

NG-725 (m) Novice

NG-726 (m) Intermediate

NG-727 (m) Advanced

15-17 Years Old (No-Gi)

NG-728 (f) Novice

NG-729 (f) Intermediate

NG-730 (f) Advanced

NG-731 (m) Novice

NG-732 (m) Intermediate

NG-733 (m) Advanced

18 Years and Over (No-Gi)

NG-734 (f) (18+) Novice (under 115 lbs)

NG-735 (f) (18+) Novice (under 130 lbs)

NG-736 (f) (18+) Novice (130 lbs and over)

NG-737 (f) (40+) Novice (all weights)

NG-738 (f) (18+) Intermediate (under 115 lbs)

NG-739 (f) (18+) Intermediate (under 130 lbs)

NG-740 (f) (18+) Intermediate (130 lbs and over)

NG-741 (f) (40+) Intermediate (all weights)

NG-742 (f) (18+) Advanced (under 115 lbs)

NG-743 (f) (18+) Advanced (under 130 lbs)

NG-744 (f) (18+) Advanced (130 lbs and over)

NG-745 (f) (40+) Advanced

NG-746 (m) (18+) Novice (under 145 lbs)

NG-747 (m) (18+) Novice (under 160 lbs)

NG-748 (m) (18+) Novice (under 175 lbs)

NG-749 (m) (18+) Novice (under 190 lbs)

NG-750 (m) (18+) Novice (under 205 lbs)

NG-751 (m) (18+) Novice (205 lbs and over)

NG-752 (m) (40+) Novice (all weights)

NG-753 (m) (18+) Intermediate (under 145 lbs)

NG-754 (m) (18+) Intermediate (under 160 lbs)

NG-755 (m) (18+) Intermediate (under 175 lbs)

NG-756 (m) (18+) Intermediate (under 190 lbs)

NG-757 (m) (18+) Intermediate (under 205 lbs)

NG-758 (m) (18+) Intermediate (205 lbs and over)

NG-759 (m) (40+) Intermediate (all weights)

NG-760 (m) (18+) Advanced (under 145 lbs)

NG-761 (m) (18+) Advanced (under 160 lbs)

NG-762 (m) (18+) Advanced (under 175 lbs)

NG-763 (m) (18+) Advanced (under 190 lbs)

NG-764 (m) (18+) Advanced (under 205 lbs)

NG-765 (m) (18+) Advanced (205 lbs and over)

NG-766 (m) (40+) Advanced (all weights)

Submission Cup (N0-Gi)

SC-767 (m) Adv. Submission Cup (under 180 lbs)

WKU ContinuousKarate

6 years and Under

WKC-801 (m/f) Novice

WKC-802 (m/f) Intermediate

WKC-803 (m/f) Advanced

7-8 Years Old

WKC-804 (f) Novice

WKC-805 (f) Intermediate

WKC-806 (f) Advanced

WKC-807 (m) Novice

WKC-808 (m) Intermediate

WKC-809 (m) Advanced

9-10 Years Old

WKC-810 (f) Novice

WKC-811 (f) Intermediate

WKC-812 (f) Advanced

WKC-813 (m) Novice

WKC-814 (m) Intermediate

WKC-815 (m) Advanced

11-12 Years Old

WKC-816 (f) Novice

WKC-817 (f) Intermediate

WKC-818 (f) Advanced

WKC-819 (m) Novice

WKC-820 (m) Intermediate

WKC-821 (m) Advanced

13-14 Years Old

WKC-822 (f) Novice

WKC-823 (f) Intermediate

WKC-824 (f) Advanced

WKC-825 (m) Novice

WKC-826 (m) Intermediate

WKC-827 (m) Advanced

15-17 Years Old

WKC-828 (f) Novice

WKC-829 (f) Intermediate

WKC-830 (f) Advanced

WKC-831 (m) Novice

WKC-832 (m) Intermediate

WKC-833 (m) Advanced

18 Years and Over

WKC-834 (f) (18+) Novice (under 115 lbs)

WKC-835 (f) (18+) Novice (under 130 lbs)

WKC-836 (f) (18+) Novice (130 lbs and over)

WKC-837 (f) (40+) Novice (all weights)

WKC-838 (f) (18+) Intermediate (under 115 lbs)

WKC-839 (f) (18+) Intermediate (under 130 lbs)

WKC-840 (f) (18+) Intermediate (130 lbs and over)

WKC-841 (f) (40+) Intermediate (all weights)

WKC-842 (f) (18+) Advanced (under 115 lbs)

WKC-843 (f) (18+) Advanced (under 130 lbs)

WKC-844 (f) (18+) Advanced (130 lbs and over)

WKC-845 (f) (40+) Advanced

WKC-846  (m) (18+) Novice (under 145 lbs)

WKC-847 (m) (18+) Novice (under 160 lbs)

WKC-848 (m) (18+) Novice (under 175 lbs)

WKC-849 (m) (18+) Novice (under 190 lbs)

WKC-850 (m) (18+) Novice (under 205 lbs)

WKC-851 (m) (18+) Novice (205 lbs and over)

WKC-852 (m) (40+) Novice (all weights)

WKC-853 (m) (18+) Intermediate (under 145 lbs)

WKC-854 (m) (18+) Intermediate (under 160 lbs)

WKC-855 (m) (18+) Intermediate (under 175 lbs)

WKC-856 (m) (18+) Intermediate (under 190 lbs)

WKC-857 (m) (18+) Intermediate (under 205 lbs)

WKC-858 (m) (18+) Intermediate (205 lbs and over)

WKC-859 (m) (40+) Intermediate (all weights)

WKC-860 (m) (18+) Advanced (under 145 lbs)

WKC-861 (m) (18+) Advanced (under 160 lbs)

WKC-862 (m) (18+) Advanced (under 175 lbs)

WKC-863 (m) (18+) Advanced (under 190 lbs)

WKC-864 (m) (18+) Advanced (under 205 lbs)

WKC-865 (m) (18+) Advanced (205 lbs and over)

WKC-866 (m) (40+) Advanced (all weights)

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